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                A Clear Vision of Tomorrow
                New Vision , New Life
                Slide to learn more
                New life in the car Get a fun driving experience through one piece of glass

                Installing an SRL in Cars Fuyao “UV+IR-CUT” Automotive Glass Offers Photographic Viewing Experience for Driving

                The “Green Revolution” Fuyao Coated Glass Helps Address the Problem of High Temperature

                Intelligent Manufacturing From End to End, Create a Bright Future with “Intelligent Technologies”

                NEWS Center
                • Fuyao Group Won the Jaguar Land Rover Global Supplier Excellence Award Gold Award 2018-05-16
                  The award is Jaguar Rand Rover’s highest honor to its global suppliers and its recognition of Fuyao’s innovative products and brand.
                • Ambassador Zhang Qiyue : Fuyao Shows U.S.-China Cooperation can be Mutually Benefit 2018-04-20
                  Zhang Qiyue expressed that Fuyao created a miracle in a short time.
                • Fuyao Group Consecutively Won China Automotive Parts Industry Award – Upgrading Coating Glass Became Favored 2018-01-19
                  Fuyao Group once again won the prize of Annual Contribution for the Automotive Body Parts by Coating Heated Automotive Windshield.
                • “Details Pursuer” Audi Visited “Quality Pursuer” Fuyao 2017-12-13
                  Explore the essence of quality